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Car Buying
How to get the best car loan rate

Everything you need to know about what affects your interest rate, and how to get the best one

Car Buying
Can you refinance a car loan?

Refinancing Car Loans: How it Works to How to Refinance a Car Loan

Car repossessions on the rise, as average price hits $47,000

Borrowers of all stripes are defaulting, with some monthly payments over $1,000

Car Buying
What is the term of a car loan or lease?

Here's how long typical car loans or leases last, and why it matters

Explaining what a loan and lease are, as well as which might be better for you.

Car Buying
What is a subprime loan?

Are they a bad idea and who qualifies for them?

Are they a bad idea, and who qualifies for them?

U.S. House votes to overturn rule against car loan discrimination

Latest move against Obama-era consumer finance watchdog agency

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to reverse a measure that aimed to prevent discrimination in auto lending, the latest challenge to a consumer finance watchdog's oversight.

New auto loans could soon extend out to 84 months

Truck sales are fueling these new terms

Cars and trucks are more expensive than ever before. In order to boost sales and help consumers afford new vehicles, automakers are offering longer and longer terms for auto loans.

Wells Fargo officially agrees to $1B penalty: What's in the settlement

500,000 customers were forced to buy car insurance they didn't need

Wells Fargo & Co will pay $1 billion to settle with U.S. regulators who say the bank wrongly layered insurance on hundreds of thousands of drivers and routinely hit homebuyers with excessive fees, officials said on Friday.

One-third of trade-ins in a new-car deal are underwater on their loans

Add that to the lengthened loan terms, and car buyers rolling loan balances over get deeper in debt with each purchase.

Edmunds reports that nearly a third of trade-ins on new car purchases in 2017 were underwater.

Uber goes after a billion-dollar leveraged loan

Uber needs the cash to beat Apple's Didi in China.

The one-or-two-billion dollar loan would come on top of a recent Saudi Arabian investment.

Americans borrow more money than ever for car purchases

Almost $1 trillion in car loans have boosted record buying spree.

Ride-sharing options may be proliferating and the percentage of Americans obtaining drivers licenses may be declining. But for now, reports on the end of the car-ownership model are greatly exaggerated.

Auto leases soar in the third quarter

The latest financial research shows that auto leasing is on the rise, and buyers continue to take out longer, more expensive loans.

VW will take out huge $21B loan to cover scandal costs

Volkswagen will use the $21 billion loan to help pay for the upcoming costs from its diesel emissions scandal.

Ferrari borrows $2.6 billion to finance FCA spinoff

Ferrari announced that it is borrowing over $2.6 billion to fill its coffers and that of its soon-to-be-former parent company, FCA, as the two separate from each other.

VW lines up $21.5 billion in financing to weather crisis

Volkswagen wants $21.5 billion in loans as a short-term financial buffer to get through its emissions crisis.

Honda finance to pay $24M for discriminatory lending practices

Honda is altering its lending policies and setting up a $24-million compensation fund after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau charged that some of its dealers have engaged in discriminatory practices.

Tesla gets $750M credit line from big banks

Tesla has received a line of credit worth up to $750 million from some of the world's top financial instutiions, including Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, to finance growth over the next five years.

New car loans longer than ever before

Auto loans just keep reaching new records for their length and the amount financed, and there's no sign of this slowing down.

Outstanding auto loans hit record high of $886 billion in 2014

The value of outstanding auto loans reached $886 billion in 2014, which was an all-time record, according to Experian.

Are easy car title loans hurting the poor?

Auto title loans are big business in the US, but increasingly, those institutions offering them are facing accusations of predatory lending. With this type of loan, people receive money in exchange for their vehicle's title. The funds come quickly, but they can also come saddled with interest rates of over 100 percent, along with high fees. A recent report from The New York Times examines the practice to see how it is affecting low-income borrowers across the nation.

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