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FCC proposes record $300 million fine for 'auto warranty' robocalls

More than 5 billion calls made to half a billion numbers

Car Buying
Why you should not get an extended warranty on a new car

Explaining what an extended warranty is, what it covers and why you should say 'no'

Volkswagen's excellent 6-year/72,000-mile warranty is ending

A free maintenance plan is introduced in its place

VW backs ID. electric vehicles with eight-year/99,418-mile battery warranty

Said to retain 70 percent of 'usable capacity'

Said to retain 70 percent of 'usable capacity.'

Car Buying
What is a limited warranty on a new car?

What does it cover, and for how long? That depends

Understand what's meant by the term 'limited warranty'

GM offering factory-backed extended warranty for Chevys, GMCs, Buicks and Cadillacs

The warranty transfers to new owners

The warranty transfers to new owners.

All new VWs now have 6-year/72,000-mile warranty

Volkswagen offers twice as much coverage as the old warranty

It's the best bumper-to-bumper warranty among mainstream cars.

Chevy Bolt EV battery could lose 40% of its capacity over 8 years

That would mean a range of just 143 miles in 2025.

This sort of problem is not unique to Chevy, though.

Energica to install chargers, guarantee 50% trade-in value

These electric motorcycles just got a little more enticing.

Energica will fund chargers on roads motorcyclists use. It will also offer a guaranteed trade-in value or five-year/100,000-km warranty after two years.

2017 Nissan Titan and XD get longest truck warranty in US

We also now know what half-ton gas Titans will cost.

The Titan and Titan XD get pumped-up bumper-to-bumper warranty to match powertrain coverage.

Tesla spends more money on repairs per vehicle than Daimler, GM

Tesla says repair costs are falling, but what about those Falcon Wing doors?

Tesla spends three times as much per vehicle compared to what GM and Ford do on repairs and warranty accruals.

Tesla increases warrantied tow distance to 500 miles

Tesla used to only tow your warrantied Model S 50 miles if something covered went wrong. Now it's 500 miles, but that's still not the industry standard.

BMW i3 REx can be hacked to offer more miles, AM radio

These Changes Put Your Warranty At Risk, Of Course

BMW i3 range-extender software for California vehicles can be tweaked to enable larger gas displacement, longer driving range.

Volvo offers lifetime warranty on parts and labor

Volvo Cars of North America introduces a new lifetime warranty on both parts and labor for service and maintenance work carried out on off-warranty vehicles at authorized dealers.

FCA cuts powertrain warranties to 60k miles

FCA US is citing industry practices as the reason for cutting its powertrain warranty to five years or 60,000 miles. The change affects gasoline-fueled, 2016 model year vehicles from Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Trucks.

GM cutting back on powertrain warranty citing lack of interest

General Motors will reduce the mileage cap on Chevrolet and GMC powertrain warranties from 100,000 to 60,000 miles, although the five-year limit will remain.

Mazda rolls out unlimited mileage warranty in Canada

Cold weather might be starting to grip parts of Canada, but our neighbors to the north are going to be able to drive their 2015 Mazda cars and utilities from Vancouver to Montreal with a little more peace of mind. That's because Mazda Canada is instituting an unlimited mileage warranty for its new models.

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