2024 Hagerty Bull Market List of future collectibles — Plymouth Prowler, anyone?

These cars could be set to climb in value

Hagerty does more than sell insurance to car collectors. The company has grown into an automotive media and culture powerhouse, hosting events and producing some of the most impressive video content around today. Part of its business includes tracking collector car values, and every year, Hagerty releases its “Bull Market List” of collector cars to buy. The recently released 2024 edition holds at least one surprising name, though many will be familiar to car-obsessed enthusiasts.

The company noted that 2023 saw the collector car market soften and said that its monthly “market heat tracking” report fell to its lowest point in two years because of inflation and lower auction prices. Despite that, Hagerty came up with several vehicles it believes are “poised for big gains.” The 2024 bull list includes:

Other than the Prowler, there are few surprises on the list. The right-hand-drive Pajero Evo is a somewhat obscure choice, but its three-year production run and Dakar Rally homologation background make it desirable. The Jaguar XKR is an interesting entrant, as it’s easy to find dozens of low-mileage examples in the $20,000 range, and the 2008-2013 BMW M3’s prices have been absurdly inflated for a while now.

Hagerty said its Bull Market List is not meant to celebrate rising car prices or to promote vehicles as monetary investments. The company said its goal is to give prospective collectors a glimmer of hope that many desirable models can be had without completely devastating your life savings, as long as you’re willing to do some homework. Besides, as Hagerty pointed out, fun should be your primary goal with classic cars, not making money.


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