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Top 10 Mid-Engined Hatchbacks

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Knight Rider: The Liveblog - Season 1, Episode 9

And... after a lengthy hiatus, we're back. New Year's Eve marks the return of Knight Rider. It's the 9th episode, there are nine episodes left, and in a few hours we all ring in 2009. Huzzah.

Low gas prices are kind of like a $1 billion daily bailout

Photo by glenn.batuyong. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

From Royal Blue to Green: the Queen retrofits her Bentleys to run on bio-fuel

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EEStor partner patent may keep eenthusiasts eexcited

For those "eenthusiasts" who still hold out hope that EEStor will come through on it's game-changing supercalifragilistic-capacitor pledges, a newly-awarded patent may offer some comfort. No, not the patent that EEStor itself was recently granted, but rather one that Domenick Yoney

Nike outlet puts the "RS" in "sneakers"

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Chrysler scraps dealer awards meeting in Mexico

Every year, Chrysler rewards its top dealers with an all-expenses paid trip to some exotic location. But with the financial situation at the privately-owned automaker in the crapper, the Pentastar decided to cancel this year's excursion. Chrysler spokesman Stuart Schorr told the Detroit News that "the state of the market and the financial challenges the company faces, it made sense not to hold this year's reward meeting." We're sure the decision to cancel the trip to the Hilton Los Cabo

New wind turbine could dramatically increase generation efficiency

One of the primary reasons that current wind turbines have to be so large is that most of the energy is lost as the air flows off the end of the blades. That size increases the cost and reduces the density of turbines that can be installed. FloDesign has developed a wind turbine that incorporates ideas from jet engines, including a shroud to duct air over the turbine blades. Unlike previous ducted turbine designs, this one is claimed to be able to self align and still work effectively at up to 2

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