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Autoblog Garage: Car of the Year Awards

I decided to make-up totally silly award brackets for a number of the finalists from the four rounds. While they're

2005 Nissan Pathfinder: In The Autoblog Garage Day 5

The most important aspect of any SUV, at least to me, is how much cargo can it hold and how

New live traffic system from Pioneer and XM

One of the cooler new Weblogs on our network is Droxy, The Digital Radio Blog, grabbed this story on a new Pioneer system that will display XM's NavTraffic in live 3D updates. The best part of the $2,500 system is that it plays DVDs, CDs and can even display images from rear mounted cameras. While I don't see folks running out and buying these en masse, when the price drops a bit I see these touch screen traffic monitors, with useful programming, being almost common place.

Subaru Impreza gets wild facelift

To keep up with the impending change to its archrival, Subaru's Impreza will receive a facelift that takes on the look of the B9 Scrambler concept from a few years back. This is the airplane look done right, unlike the new B9 Tribeca. Unfortunatley I couldn't find more images of the new Impreza on the Auto Express site, if anyone out there has a copy of it and wants to scan in pages…please send us a tip. The big news in the article is th

Dealers not always on top of incentives

Consumer Reports came out with a study that said 40% of car buyers were not informed of rebates and 60% weren't told

Autoblogging Baby: Teaching teens to be safe on icy roads

Check out the post on Blogging Baby about some good tips about how teenagers should approach driving on snowy roads. After getting snowed in while visiting Boston and moving from Florida to Chicago a few years ago I think everyone could use some helpful hints, but new drivers always have the most to learn. Anyone have some good "I drove like an idiot on snow and this happened…" stories?

2005 Nissan Pathfinder: In The Autoblog Garage Day 4

As more time passes in the Pathfinder I find myself actually enjoying the behemoth of an

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