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First Drive
Porsche 911 S/T First Drive Review: The ultimate 911 fan service

Extremely rare and pricey 911 pairs GT3 RS engine, a manual and some raucous noise

First Drive
2024 Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance First Drive Review: Technical powerhouse

This PHEV a capable performer, but posh grand touring is still its greatest strength

First Drive
2023 Audi RS 3 First Drive Review: To hell with business cases

Five cylinders thrumming, rear end sliding, electric green shining ... it's all joyously nuts

Track Test
Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Track Drive Review | Instant classic

The most emotive road-going Cayman boasts power, poise and all the go-fast toys

We take a quick spin in Gran Turismo Sport at E3

The hotly anticipated game nears its fall release.

Development is in the final stages.

First Drive
Hands-on with Project CARS in VR on the Oculus Rift

Is virtual reality hardware good enough to handle racing games yet?

Hands-on with Gran Turismo Sport on PS4

Finally on Playstation 4, but not your typical Gran Turismo title.

Sport may cause dismay for GT fans who want a technical powerhouse that fully exploits the PS4, but eSports fans will be thrilled.

How can automakers fix the infotainment problem?

Tech is at the center of most new cars, but it's still giving owners trouble.

Ten of the greatest Super Bowl car commercials of all time

Securing commercial air time during the Big Game isn't exactly cheap, so advertisers typically try to make the most of it by creating some truly remarkable spots. Here's a selection of automotive Super Bowl ads that have stood the test of time.

Ten movies to keep car enthusiasts entertained this winter

Right now conditions are far from ideal for motoring in most parts of the country. If you're stuck inside with some time to kill, these classic films should help satiate your need to hoon.

Open Road
Five indications that you're driving a beater

It's an unfortunate fact of life that cars typically do not age like a fine wine, and it's all too easy to let an array of minor issues pile up. But there's a certain point at which a normal vehicle crosses over into the realm of the beater and never looks back.

Five reasons modern motoring has us longing for the past

As great as modern vehicles are, there are some side effects of technological advancement that cause "they don't make 'em like they used to" moments.

How would you end distracted driving?

Driving while one's attention is drawn elsewhere isn't a dilemma exclusive to modern motoring, but the issue is undoubtedly more problematic than ever before. If legislators, car companies, and smartphone designers can't come up with a viable solution, what's the real fix?

Ferrari IPO may turn out to be good news for enthusiasts

Some think a publicly traded Ferrari signals the beginning of the end for the Italian automaker. But there's plenty of evidence to suggest that the company's recent IPO might lead to some of its best years yet.

Is the skill of rev matching being lost to computers?

Manual transmissions are becoming scarcer by the day, making rev matching a rare talent. But with manufacturers beginning to automate the process, will the practice be lost forever?

Five lies that automotive enthusiasts tell themselves

When it comes to the realm of automotive performance, conventional wisdom can occasionally be outright delusional. Here are five myths that could use a dose of reality.

Are supercars becoming less special?

As smaller manufacturers look for ways to stay viable, wholly unique models are becoming a thing of the past. Will that hurt the image or experience?

Barracuda's Dodge branding no biggie, but what about engines?

This Might Not Be Your Typical Muscle Car

News that the revived Barracuda will likely land in showrooms as a Dodge model has caused some ire among the Mopar faithful, but what ends up under the hood could be far more worrisome.

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