Hyundai-owned Mobis bringing 20 innovations to CES 2024

Among them, a transparent infotainment display and the latest in sideways driving

Hyundai-owned Mobis will travel to CES 2024 to unveil new technologies that could trickle down to production models in the coming years. The supplier will showcase 20 innovations in the Las Vegas Convention Center, and it built a futuristic concept to demonstrate some of them.

While the concept hasn't been unveiled yet, we can tell that its proportions straddle the thin line separating hatchbacks and crossovers. Its front end features numerous LED accents, including some that extend downward and continue above the rocker panels on both sides, but the yet-unnamed design study wasn't built to preview a next-generation design language. It's a rolling laboratory of software and hardware.

One of the features is the e-Corner technology that Hyundai demonstrated earlier in 2023. Put simply, this system allows the four wheels to turn by 90 degrees to let a car slide sideways into a parking spot — it's a boon for those who never really learned how to parallel park. Time will tell whether Mobis has made changes to the e-Corner system since we first saw it, and whether the brand plans to bring it to production.

Mobis will put a big focus on how information is presented to the driver and the passengers during the show. One of the highlights is a see-through display that looks designed to stretch across most of the dashboard; it encompasses the instrument cluster and the infotainment system's display. The brand reasons that this layout reduces driver distractions by putting key information closer to the driver's line of sight.

Other innovations include what Mobis refers to as "a rollable display," a swiveling display, a Quantum Dot and Local Dimming display, and a 3D display with OLED-like graphics. These features haven't been detailed yet, but Mobis stresses that they're more realistic than you might assume. It expects that its transparent display "will bring many changes to future automobile designs" once it enters production, and it expects "significant demand" from carmakers around the globe. Mobis is owned by Hyundai, but it supplies parts to other companies.

CES 2024 will open its doors in Las Vegas on January 8. Mobis notes that the innovations it will show there are ready for mass production.

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