Japanese tuner adds 1980s rally flair to the Suzuki Jimny

The look works surprisingly well on the little off-roader

DAMD Suzuki Jimny Little 5 and Little Delta
  • DAMD Suzuki Jimny Little 5 and Little Delta
  • DAMD Suzuki Jimny Little 5 and Little Delta
  • DAMD Suzuki Jimny Little 5
  • DAMD Suzuki Jimny Little Delta

Since its launch in 2018, the fourth-generation Suzuki Jimny has been modified by a long list of tuners from all over the world. We've seen it turned into a mini Ford Bronco, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class lookalike, a clone of the original Land Rover Defender, and a small pickup truck. The latest Jimny-based builds explore a completely different avenue by giving the off-roader a look inspired by rally cars from the 1980s.

Designed by Japanese tuner DAMD for the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, the builds are called Little 5 and Little Delta, respectively. The name says it all: the Little 5 is a tribute to Renault's 5 Turbo and 5 Turbo 2 and the Little Delta draws inspiration from the Lancia Delta Integrale. While both models were hatchbacks, the retro look works surprisingly well thanks in part to the Jimny's small footprint and boxy proportions.

Both builds receive the same basic body kit, which includes a deeper front bumper that looks much closer to the 5's than to the Delta's and flared wheel arches, and they ride on OZ Racing wheels. DAMD fitted the Little 5 with a redesigned front end that brings rectangular lights and Renault's diamond-shaped logo, "NON-TURBO" decals on the doors for a touch of humor, and a roof-mounted spoiler. Blue paint adds a finishing touch to the look. Painted red, the Little Delta gets a specific grille with four round lights and bright trim as well as a specific spoiler.

DAMD hasn't released interior photos. It looks like the Little 5 uses standard Jimny seats while the Little Delta receives front sport seats.

Technical specifications haven't been released, either, but we have a decent idea of what's under the hood. Suzuki offers the Jimny with two engines: a turbocharged, 658-cubic-centimeter three-cylinder fitted to base models in Japan and a naturally-aspirated, 1.5-liter four-cylinder offered in the rest of the world. The decals on the Little 5's doors suggest power comes from the latter, which develops 102 horsepower.

We don't know what's next for either concept, but we wouldn't be surprised to see both body kits join DAMD's catalog in the coming months. 

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