Sensationally green Cadillac Celestiq spotted on Woodward Avenue

This is everything Cadillac wanted

Pasteiner's Collectibles and Hobbies set up shop on Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, Michigan in 1988, aiming to be the area's HQ for vehicle memorabilia. As a car-themed store located on the same avenue where we cover the Woodward Dream Cruise every August, the folks at Pasteiner's and the visitors keep their cameras ready for anything that might crawl down the boulevard. And boy, did somebody score a sighting over the holidays: A lurid, verdant Cadillac Celestiq emerging from a parking lot and taking off down the road. We'd love to know the name of that green color. It reminds us of Porsche's Python Green just as much as Veggie Tales. It's something.

The low-res picture quality makes us suspect someone gave the photo to Pasteiner's to post on the store Facebook page. The store's other photo posts are crystal clear.  

Back to the electric Caddy, want to know what we think of most when we see this? Two things derived from the color but more important than the color: First, super luxury; second, by golly, at least one Celestiq early adopter got the memo! Re the super luxe associations, Rolls-Royce recapped a year of commissions, the parking lot counting a pink Ghost and an orange Cullinan. How many yellow or green Lamborghinis have we seen, or special models wearing color palettes siphoned from a psilocybin experiment — ahem, Opera Unica, anyone? Bugatti flashed a yellow Mistral for Pebble Beach. The Mulliner division at Bentley spent its 1,000th commission working up a one-off purple Bentayga. And press shots of the Bentley Batur or Bacalar? Calling Crayola, please hold ...

That's the company Cadillac wanted for the Celestiq, and — assuming this is a customer car — whoever bought this one brought that same totally-custom European six-figure-luxury energy to the Vanderbilt House in Warren, Michigan where the Cadillac is commissioned. We don't know how Cadillac feels about it, but wherever this sedan goes, it will get a lot of attention. And when this Celestiq is parked at the St. Regis Bal Harbour or The Ranch at Laguna Beach, it will find family.

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