Tesla Model Y refresh expected in 2024 with 'much more obvious exterior and interior changes'

Expect the updates to be initially revealed in China

The Tesla Model Y is reportedly up for a refresh in 2024, according to a report from Bloomberg. This latest report suggests that the Model Y will initially get its updates in China, but doesn’t detail when similar changes will make their way to the U.S. version.

Blomberg cites “people familiar with the matter” as its sources and says the refreshed Model Y could reach mass production as early as mid-2024. As for the contents of the refresh, the report says to expect “much more obvious exterior and interior changes than the most-recent update in October.”

In case you missed the news on the Model Y update a couple of months ago, it consisted of minor changes like adding ambient lighting, a new wheel option and small tweaks to both range and acceleration figures. These changes were officially announced for China, but we haven’t seen them applied to the U.S. market Model Y yet.

What makes this latest news more enticing is that the report suggests this incoming refresh will be similar in scope to the refresh we saw for the Model 3 earlier this year. That means the Model Y could be getting a fresh look on the outside, a new interior design, suspension enhancements, more interior tech and general refinement improvements.

There’s no telling exactly what or how Tesla will change the Model Y for its refresh, but news of one incoming is a big deal considering how well the crossover sells across the globe. We’ll hopefully have more news on the Model Y next year when the changes are expected to be announced.

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